The Futility of Human Pursuits

 Kurt Vonnegut shows that the experiences humans have in the duration of their lives are pointless and meaningless. I agree with Kurt Vonnegut that small personal experiences that we have are pointless, but I disagree that human experience itself is pointless. Me getting a job will not save lives and won’t make a dent in the world, which is a meaningless experience. However, if me saving a young boy from death, and then that boy going on to become a doctor, who saves hundreds of lives is a meaningful. It’s not the things we do in our own lives that give our lives meaning, but the chain of effects you do that better others lives that matter. One small action can change history.

Religion and Science as Panaceas

Being ruled by science or religion cannot make people happy because you still always have your doubts. Even if you are for religion, there is still some part of science that you have to understand and vice versa. You can’t just pick and choose. It’s kind of in between. In San Lorenzo, people have a religion, but they don’t have science, so they will never advance. Or if they do, it won’t be as quickly as everyone else.


Desire and Happiness

It’s good to want, but you shouldn’t want what you can’t have. Don’t go over and above what you can get because even if you get it, you aren’t going to be happy. It’ll be different than what you expected. It’s like in the book: they were happy in the beginning, but then they realized that they didn’t really get what they wanted.

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Chris, Avery and mike

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  • You are one of the Hoenikker children. Your father’s invention has been used in war. Millions have died. How do you feel?

                       I would be kind of mad/sad mad at my dad for making a weapon like that. Sad because people died that didn’t then do anything some many deaths I would feel really bad.


  • Bokonon built his religion on lies. Is there every a right time to lie? Is there ever a wrong time to tell the truth?

“Never Lie, Steal, Cheat, or Drink. But If You Must Lie, Lie in the Arms of the One You Love. If You Must Steal, Steal Away from Bad Company. If You Must Cheat, Cheat Death. And If You Must Drink, Drink in the Moments That Take Your Breath Away.”


  • Angela Hoenikker is suddenly left motherless. She also has the responsibility for caring for her younger brothers, one of them an infant. What thoughts do you think are going through her head?

I think she would be thinking how am I going to do this can I watch them. I believe a lot of stuff was going through her head thing she probably didn’t even fully understand yet. Some explain are the responsibility of watching kids and what they come with.


  • John returns to find his apartment trashed by Sherman Krebbs. Krebbs is an acquaintance John allowed to use the apartment in his absence. How would you feel if you came home and found your home trashed by someone you knew and trusted? What would you do?

If somebody I knew trashed my house I would be so mad and pissed off I wouldn’t even know what to say.

If someone did that to me I would only beat the brakes off of them until I get tired and then when I gotten tired I would call up my boys so they can get some lick in. After we are done beaten the mess out of them I would go to they house mess it up or something.

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Monday, 7/20

  • Dana is unable to choose when she is sent to the past but Kevin has control over his travels. What significance does this have in the novel?

Kevin has control because he is white. Due to his race, he can leave the plantation at will, but he cannot go home without Dana’s help. Dana, because she is black, has to time travel when Rufus calls her and she has to stay. This shows the differences between blacks and whites during that time in history.

  • What are the similarities between Dana’s relationship with Rufus and her relationship with Kevin?

Both men are white. She cares about/loves both, but in different ways. She wants both to be happy, which is why she helps Kevin to go home, but knows she has to stay to help Rufus. She can explain to both of them what it is like to be black and to be a slave but neither will ever fully understand because they are not in her shoes – they are not black.


  • Dana states that “Rufus’s time was a sharper, stronger reality.” What does she mean? On pg. 191

Dana means that she has been getting so use to being in Rufus time that her only date and ago she doesn’t really feel at home. Although Dana is interested Rufus’s time, she also has to accept a lot of different ups and down to living there. The down sides to living in the past are that she is a slave and she can be badly beaten or even killed. But the up’s are she gets to be a part or her own history and be in Rufus’s live to make sure he does the right things and grow up to be a good man.

  • How would the story be different if Kevin were black?

He wouldn’t really have had the same privileges as he did. He would have been forced into labor. It wouldn’t have been like a white person owning a black person; it would have just been like another slave. Dana and Kevin’s relationship would have been better accepted id he were black.

  • If you were a slave on this plantation, what would be the most difficult thing for you to tolerate? What would you do to survive? Do you think Dana made the right decisions?

The most difficult thing for me to tolerate would be getting hit because what kind of person would want to get beat almost to death. It would be so bad I would be forced to sleep on my stomach. I wouldn’t be cocky, I would be a normal person, but I would not be happy. I would do whatever the white folks told me to to avoid a beating. I would also be a snitch so that I wouldn’t get beat. Dana made the right decisions because she could have easily been killed. She had to do what she had to do in order to survive. Many of the other slaves didn’t like her because she was too close to the white folks.


  • What is the difference between a house slave and a field slave? How does Dana understand and react to the distinctions? Are there any contemporary parallels?

A house slave has a lot more freedom and lives better. He has better clothes and is treated better. A field slave is like Kunta Kinte. He will get beaten for not listening or not being smart. She listens to Mrs. Weylin and takes care of her because she doesn’t want to be in the field, sleeping outside, and getting fleas. Maids are treated better and get to live with people, whereas field slaves would be like yard workers. People don’t treat them very nicely and tell them what to do.


  • How do you think Dana’s future in the present will be affected by her experiences in the past? How about her relationship with Kevin?

In the present, Dana will act a lot differently. She will take fewer things for granted and cherish more things. She will really realize what she has and understand what her ancestors went through. She and Kevin will be closer and they will have more trust for one another since they have been through a lot. Even though it was just a couple of minutes or days, to them it was years.

  • Butler has been quoted as saying she wrote Kindred so that readers could feel history as well as learn about the facts of it. How has she succeeded?

I learned more about what it would feel like to be a slave because I could actually feel what it would have been like to be a slave. I could feel the effect like I was being beat. Husbands and children were traded and killed, leaving the women to cry and try to kill themselves. I know how black women flip out when their kids get lost, but know I understand that this would be for slaves too, when kids were sold and families were broken up.

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  •  On page 71, Dana discovers why no one in the past (except for Rufus) seems to like or trust her.

 No one in the past really did not like Dana because she wasn’t like everybody else. The clothes she wore weren’t like anybody else’s. Even though she said she was a free woman her appearance did not look like it. The way she dressed and spook was really different from everybody else did in that time and ago. Her shoes were old and run down, her jeans were dirty, maybe with holes in them and her shirt dusty and dingy.  She spook very proper like a white person or even better. Her speak was not like the other slaves. So in my opinion this lead me to believe she stood out among  the other black people. Dana was very intelligent she could read and write and other blacks could not. Blacks were not supposed to know how to read and write back during slaver times. This was illegal and grounds punishment. A lot of people didn’t like Dana because of what she knew and what she knew how to do.

What does she discover?                                                     

Through Dana’s time travel she discovers she has traveled back to the year of 1815. Even though the southern slave owner is white, Dana’s family records show that in the future the white slave owner is the father of the first woman in her family. Her name is Hagar Weylin. Dana discovered the slave owner will impregnate Alice Greenwood. Dana saves Rufus who is a young version of the slave owner.

Dana witnessed her ancestor Alice father get beat by white patrollers.  He left his slave home to visit Alice without permission and the patrollers beat him for it.

Could something like this ever happen today? Explain.

Yes, in 1991 Rodney King was beat by police. hitting King in the head and lying twenty-six times in his police Rodney was struck a total of 56 times

In May 29, 2009. A black man by named Ronnie Holloway from New Jersey was beat by Police officer Joseph R. Rios III. Officer Joseph beat him with his fist and a baton; it was recorded by a surveillance camera.

In June 21, 2007 Mr. and Mrs. Warren both attorney’s became victims of police brutality in Brooklyn. They witnessed NYPD officers kicking and stomping a handcuffed young black man. Mr. Warren told the police officers they were lawyers, and told him to stop and just take the young man to the jail. One of the officers said he didn’t care and get back to car. His words were actually curse words.

They returned to their car, and Mr. Warren began to write down the license plate numbers of the police vehicles as they watched them put the bleeding young man in a car. The officer in charged went to the car and attacked him. He punched him through the window. Shouting, ‘Get out of the car!’ He dragged him out of the car, ripping my shirt and pants.  He then punched Mrs. Warren in her in the face.” Both were arrested and taken to jail charged with obstruction, disorderly conduct, and resisting arrest.

  • In what ways does time travelling lead Dana to experiences the likes of which she has never had and act in ways that she would never believe herself capable of?

Dana discovers she is stronger than she thought she was. She was a city suborn girl so she has not experience a rough life. So going back in time showed her how her an sector lived survived and died at the hand of white men.

  • When Dana returns home the second time, what precautions are taken in case she time travels again?

When Dana returned the second time from returning from the past Dana’s husband Kevin gave her satchel with items such as a knife, rope, rulers to protect herself against white men when she returns to the past. They went to the library to find out exactly how to make up a form stating she is a free slave. They wanted to make sure they got something from era. When Dana went back to the past Kevin gave her a knife an a bag or something so if she went back in time again she would be self or have something to pretest herself with and nothing else could prepared her for the past. Kevin was probably better protection for me than free papers would have been

  •  What additional precautions might you have taken?

Additional precautions that could have been taken are studding all about the eighteen hundreds. Finding out about the white men. How did the black people protect themselves and survive slavery. I would have brought more weapons, bullet proof vest. Boat training.

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In the beginning on the book you find out that Dana is in a hospital, she has somehow lost her left arm. When I read this part of the book it made me want to find out what’s was happening, and how did she just somehow lose her arm. There could be various reasons for the lost of her arm, but I think her arm was somehow cut off. After reading more of the first 33 pages, I really started to get into the story and started to find myself getting lost in between words starting to see myself in Dana’s shoes like I was in the book myself living her life. I know if I had to deal with teleporting and time travel I’d freak out, especially if it sent me back into slavery.

The main subject of the book is that Dana can travel back in time. She goes back through time to save others. Mainly a little boy named Rufus who lives in the south, in 1850 during slavery. This is important because Dana is black and could be put back into slavery by being there or even worse she could be beaten or killed. It interesting that out of all the family members she has and ancestors in the past, she was chosen to back and save Rufus. This is weird because she could be safe at home but instead is randomly being pulled back in time, to see save her a boy she didn’t even know.

Dana shows courage and kindness by saving Rufus from drowning when he was 5, she had no reason to nor did she have to. Still, she rescued him, while she didn’t even know what kind of situation she was in herself. Rufus on the other hand doesn’t show the good qualities of Dana. He is a bad little boy, and is like that because he doesn’t like his father, and continuously tries to exact revenge on him. Rufus has good reason to hate his father though. He treats him badly, and his abusive as well. His mother is no saint either; she tries to beat Dana even though she swam out into a river to save her child. So far I believe that Dana is the only good hearted character, besides her husband. After Dana came back to the present he could have freaked out about her just randomly vanishing. Instead he stayed by her side, and tried to help her uncover what was happening.

Dana says “I don’t have a name for the thing that happened to me, but I don’t feel safe any more.”(Dana, pg.17) I feel that she afraid for her life, because she had a shot-gun pointed to her head, trying to help Rufus. This experience terrified her, and made her think that she would keep appearing in dangerous situations. Also the moments that she travels in time are completely random to her at first and she doesn’t know what to think about or have time to name it, because her life and others are in danger.

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mystery,syfi,horrior books or movies are fun to watch if family an friends

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